ImakeStudio Electronics

Imakestudio is a powerful app for beginners and makers. It provides the complete guidance of Embedded System programming using C language. Imake helps to understand the basics of microcontroller programming, and it provides details like hardware description, circuit diagram, C program to interface basic components, peripherals, communication devices, sensors with Microcontrollers. Read More…

Water Management System

Water resource management is the activity of planning, developing, distributing and managing the optimum use of water resources. It is a sub-set of water cycle management. Water is essential for our survival.

IoT Authentication system

A Biometric system is used to monitor and identify the fingerprint pattern. The fingerprint sensor allows the user to register the fingerprint and store it in the fingerprint database. When the sensor identifies a finger then it verifies against the stored fingerprint in the database. This plays a major role in the security system as an authentication device.