Contact Less Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


The entire world is fighting against with COVID-19. In this pandemic, contact less is very important in all aspects, so this Contact less hand sanitizer dispenser helps us to keep us safe and away from Corona disease. 

Components Required

  • IR Proximity sensor.
  • BD140-PNPTransistor.
  • 1k-Resistor.
  • Submersible water pump.
  • Aquarium tube.
  • Unused container or bottle.
  • Sanitizer.

BD140 Transistor:

The transistor is a three-terminal semiconductor device used to amplify electronic signals. It can also act as an amplifier or an electronic switch. in this project we are using it as switch.

Three terminals of transistor: Base, Collector, Emitter

BD140 is a pnp transistor    n-type semiconductor is sandwiched between the p-type semiconductor. 

  • When the base is triggered with hight pulse, which makes the transistor conducts i.e., current starts following across collector to emitter so it start the motor.
  • When the base is triggered with low pulse, there is no connection between collector and emitter so it stops the motor.

IR Sensor:

  Infrared sensors find numerous applications in electronic systems.

  • IR sensor have two part IR transmitter and receiver.
  • The IR receiver detects the IR radiations transmitted by an IR LED.
  • The output voltage level of this IR sensor depends upon the intensity of IR rays received by the receiver.
  • The sensors output in its original analog or digital in this project we are using a digital output ir sensor.

IR Sensor pinout:

  • VCC: +5v.
  • OutPut: Digital Output.
  • GND: GND.

DC submersible water pump

DC 9V operated submersible water pump is ideal for making automatic plant watering system.

submersiblepump can be fully submerged in water, a submersible pump pushes water to the surface by converting rotary energy into kinetic energy  and into pressure energy.

it is done by pulling the water into the pump: the rotation of the impeller pushes the water through the diffuser. From there, it goes to the surface.

Circuit Diagram


When user come near to Sanitizer dispenser IR proximity sensor detect the object and give a high output pulse to transistor base,

Then transister act as switch and provide the supply to submersed water pump. since water pump placed inside the dispenser container it push the sanitizer liquuid to dispenser outlet.

when object is away from the ir sensor range, ir sensor gives the low output to transisotr base which stops the supply to pump.