Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint sensor is used to monitor and identify the finger print pattern,  finger print sensor allows the user to register the finger print and store in the finger print database and it verifies against the stored finger print when it identify the finger placed in sensor. This play major role in security system as authentication device. 

Block Diagram

Flow Chart

Component Required

  1. Node MCU.
  2. GT511C3 Finger Print Sensor
  3. Jumper wire
  4. BreadBoard

Software Required

  1. MIT App inventor – Android
  2. Firebase
  3. Arduino 

Circuit diagram


Login To firebase

create new project

  • Create database for fingerprint sensor
  • Set firebase security rules to test mode to allow esp8266 to set and read database
  • Set Rules of firebase to read and write in real timedatabase
  • Select Real-time Database 
  • Copy the URL- Required in code as firebase host-id to communicate with firebase
  • Click to add child to Create a field to hold data in firebase
  • Create Fingerprint field to hold fingerprint data in firebase.
  • Fingerprint and Access field in realtime database hold weather station data.

Android Application

  • Create New project from mit app inventor for fingerprint monitoring
  • Select layout to place the userinterface component
  • Create a header from the Android application: 

          Drag and drop label in the screen for app header

  • Add firebase component to app
  • use the firebase database url, you can ignore the FirebaseToken.

Logic For Bio-metric Device

Android App