Android application using MIT app inventor

MIT App Inventor for Android is an open-source web application, It uses a graphical interface, very similar to Scratch, which allows users to drag-and-drop visual objects to create an application that can run on Android devices.

MIT App Inventor plays a major role in Creating prototype applications, and it plays a significant role in the creation of IoT application.MIT App Inverter Setup: Login to MIT App Invertor

  • Click on Start new project to beginning the creation of android application
  •   Enter Android application name
  • MIT App Inventor Designer user interface
  • Android Application Component (Palette) & Component property 

Palette will have all the app user interface components and functional components

Properties is used to config the selected application components.

  • MIT App Inventor Blocks user interface 

Designer and Blocks button helps to switch between Designer and Blocks user interface.

Blocks used to create the functional logic of selected components.

Once all user-interface and logics are created its time to build and upload the app to android mobile.Two ways to build an android app to a smartphone.

  • using provide a QR code
  • Save apk to the computer and upload to a smartphone.