Interface GLCD With ARM7


Graphical LCD is made up of a grid of pixels. The 16×2 Character LCDs have their own limitations. The Graphical LCDs are thus used to display customized images and characters.GLCD used in many applications such as video games, mobile phones.

  • LCD has a display format of 128×64 (resolution) dots.
  • There are 64 horizontal lines and each line has 128 pixels.
  • The GLCD has a graphic RAM where each bit in RAM corresponds to one pixel on the screen.GLCD screen will change when we modify the content of graphic RAM.
  • The 128×64 LCD is divided into two equal halves.
  • The whole LCD is divided equally into pages.
  • Each half is controlled by a separate KS0108 controller.
  • 128×64 LCD has 128 columns and 64 rows. In total there are (128×64 = 1024) pixels.
  • 128×64 LCD is divided equally into two halves. Each half is controlled by a separate controller and consists of 8 pages.
  • Controller can select by CS(chip select).
  • Each page consists of 8 rows and 64 columns.
  • Two horizontal pages make 128(64×2) columns and 8 vertical pages make 64 rows (8×8).

GLCD Pin Configuration

Hardware Required

  • GLCD.
  • PotentioMeter.
  • LPC21XX MicroController.