Interface Humidity Sensor With 8051

Humidity is the presence of water in air.

  • The amount of water vapor in air can affect many manufacturing processes in industries.
  • Humidity sensing is very important, especially in the control systems for industrial processes and human comfort.
  • Humidity sensors are divided into two types:
    1. Relative humidity sensors.
    2. Absolute humidity sensors.
  • Humidity measurement can be done using
    1.Dry and wet bulb hygrometers,
    2.Dew point hygrometers,
    3.Electronic hygrometers.
  • More often Electronic hygrometers is called as Humidity sensor.
  • Electronic type hygrometers or humidity sensors is classified into two categories:
    1. Based on capacitive effect,
    2. Based on resistive effect.


  • Weather Monitoring System.
  • Manufacturing Industry.

Hardware Required

  • Humidity Sensor.
  • ADC 0804.
  • 8051 MicroController.

Pin Diagram

  • VCC:+5v.
  • OutPut:Analog Output.
  • GND: GND.