Interface Accelerometer With AVR


An Accelerometer is a device that measures proper acceleration. Used to sense orientation, coordinate acceleration, vibration, shock, and falling in a resistive medium.

  • Accelerometers have multiple applications in industry and science.
  • Single and multi-axis models of the accelerometer are available to detect magnitude and direction of the proper acceleration.
  • Accelerometer electronic devices and video game controllers are used to detect the position of the device or provide for game input.
  • So that images on screens are always displayed upright.
  • Accelerometers are available that can measure acceleration in one, two, or three orthogonal axes.
  • They  are typically used in one of three modes:
    1. As an inertial measurement of velocity and position;
    2. As a sensor of inclination, tilt, or orientation in 2 or 3 dimensions, as referenced from the acceleration of gravity (1 g = 9.8m/s2);
    3.As a vibration or impact (shock) sensor.


  • SmartPhone

Hardware Required

  • Accelerometer.
  • PIC16f877a MicroController.


  • Vcc: +5v.
  • Gnd:Gnd.
  • x: x-axis (analog).
  • y: y-axis (analog).
  • z: z-axis (analog).