Interface GPS With AVR

GPS is a space-based satellite navigation system. It provides location, date and time. This navigation system made up of network with 24 satellite placed into orbit

  • GPS navigation device provides data in all weather conditions.
  • GPS satellite placed in orbit from a distance of 20,000 km above the earth.
  • A satellite makes complete two revolutions every day.
  • Each GPS receiver gets the information from four satellites.
  • GPS receiver is used to calculate the location from the information obtained from four satellites.
  • Calculations based on the mathematical principle called trilateration.

Calculating Location

  • Example:
    To know the exact location.
    There is four-person
    Person 1= unknown location, (GPS Receiver)
    Person 2=Chennai, (Satellite 1)
    Person 3=Bangalore (Satellite 2)
    Person 4= Coimbatore (Satellite 3)
  • Person1 ask person2 where am I, he says you are 139km from Chennai.
  • Person1 ask person3 where am I,he says you are 215 km from Bangalore.
  • Person1 ask person4 where am I, he says you are 391 km from Coimbatore.
  • Transmit each packet on one of 79 designated Bluetooth channels

GPS Received Data In NMEA Format

  • $GPBOD = Bearing, origin to destination.
  • $GPBWC = Bearing and distance to waypoint, great circle.
  • $GPGGA = Global Positioning System Fix Data.
  • $GPGLL = Geographic position, latitude / longitude.
  • $GPGSA = GPS DOP and active satellites.
  • $GPGSV = GPS Satellites in view.
  • $GPHDT = Heading, True.
  • $GPR00 = List of waypoints in currently active route.
  • $GPRMA = Recommended minimum specific Loran-C data.
  • $GPRMB = Recommended minimum navigation info.
  • $GPRMC = Recommended minimum specific GPS/Transit data.
  • $GPRTE = Routes.
  • $GPTRF = Transit Fix Data.
  • $GPSTN = Multiple Data ID.
  • $GPVBW = Dual Ground / Water Speed.
  • $GPVTG = Track made good and ground speed.
  • $GPWPL = Waypoint location.
  • $GPXTE = Cross-track error, Measured.
  • $GPZDA = Date and Time.

Hardware Required

  • GPS Module.
  • Atmega16 MicroController.

GPS Pinout

  • Vin= +5V.
  • Tx= Rx of Microcontroller.
  • Rx= Tx of Microcontroller.
  • Gnd= Ground.


Virtual Circuit