Interface Bluetooth With AVR


The wireless technology used to exchange data over a short distance.It uses short-wavelength UHF radio wave. Operated at frequencies between 2400 and 2483.5Mhz.

  • Use to create a personal area network.
  • It is alternate to the RS232 data cable.
  • Bluetooth is more useful to transfer data with two are more devices in low bandwidth situations.
  • Bluetooth is also used to transfer sound data which as an application in Mobile Phones.

Paring System

  • Transfer data between two devices, it must be synchronized by paring.
  • Paring done link key.
  • When both devices have same link key then it is said to be paired.

Data Transfer

  • Bluetooth Transfer data by dividing the transmitting data into packets.
  • Transmit each packet on one of the 79 designated Bluetooth channels.

Hardware Required

  • Bluetooth Module.
  • Atmega16 MicroController.

Bluetooth Pinout

  • Vin= +5V.
  • Tx= Rx of Microcontroller.
  • Rx= Tx of Microcontroller.
  • Gnd= Ground.


Virtual Circuit